Parts Manual




  • Owner’s Guide Manual
  • Engine Gasket Set-Cylinder Head
  • Engine Mounting Brackets
  • Crank Shaft, Cam Shaft, Cam Chain
  • Intake Manifold, Throttle Body, Air Cleaner
  • Accelerator Cable, Exhaust, Fuel, Tank-Pump
  • Injectors, Oil Pump, Water Pump, Radiator-Fan
  • Transmission, Clutch, Housing, Gear Shift Fork
  • AT Transmission, Input Shaft, Case, Oil Pan
  • Parking Brake, Gear Shift Control, Drive Shaft
  • Front Diff Gear, Actuator, Rear Diff, Shift Control
  • Transfer Case,
  • Electrical, Starter, Alternator, Ignition Sensors
  • Speedometer, Sensor, Headlamp, Rear Tail-lights
  • Wiring Harness, Ignition Cylinder, Door Key
  • Wiper, Arm, Motor, Reservoir, Radio, Antenna
  • Front Suspension, frame, CV shafts, front Axle
  • Rear Suspension, axle, tires, wheels,
  • Steering Wheel, column, power, tie rods,
  • Pedals, brackets, master cylinder, lines, reservoir
  • Front brakes, rear brakes, parking
  • Chassis frame components,
  • Body parts, hood, fender, cowling, dash assembly
  • Body parts, floor, front panels, sides, roof, tray bed; sides
  • Spare tire carrier, front bumper, mud flap
  • Instrument Panel, glove box, dash cluster frame
  • Front heater, damper case, nozzles, ducts
  • Heater control, consol box, floor mats
  • Head Liner, emblems, decals
  • Windshield, rear window
  • Interior Door Assembly, lock, handle assembly
  • Visor, Outside mirrors, Seat Belt, Front Seat Assembly
  • Fuel Tank, Pump and assembly
  • Jack, lug wrench, tools,
  • Air Conditioner parts, Belt , evaporator


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