Welcome to RSM & Associates Co., Gung Ho Mini-trucks

We import, service and sell four types of vehicles

Welcome to RSM & Associates Co., Gung Ho Mini-trucks.

We import, service and sell four types of vehicles. 

  1. Vehicles for use in an off-road environment or on private property. Any vehicle can be an ORV.
  1. LSV/MSV top speed depends on your state’s laws concerning LSV/MSV use. LSV/MSVs are sold to schools, universities, airports, hotels, casinos and municipalities etc., for local (not cross-country) use.
  1. Road legal right hand drive vehicles can be used in any state on any road at any time. These vehicles are legal to operate whenever and wherever vehicle use is permitted.
  1. Left hand drive vehicles are standard vehicles legal to operate whenever and wherever vehicle use is permitted.

Off-Road or Private Property Vehicles

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Low Speed Vehicles/Medium Speed Vehicles

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Road Legal Right Hand Drive (RLRHD) Vehicles

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Left Hand Drive Vehicles

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PARTS for your Japanese Mini-Truck

The most important item to find on your mini-truck is the chassis number or the VIN number. One of the places the chassis number is found is in the engine area-Daihatsu, or on a plate-Suzuki. Wherever you find it, this number makes sure you get the same part that the manufacturer installed when it was new.

Unlike American producers who make changes in the product only when the assembly lines are stopped, Japanese manufacturers will incorporate changes at any time and the only way to tell what part was installed is by the chassis number. The chassis number tells the type chassis type and it is followed by 6 or 7 production numbers. Suzuki DA63T-123456, for example.

We stock most common wear items for the vehicles we sell and all other parts are just 10-14 days away. We also stock some windshields and door glass for the vehicles we sell. We can get any glass you need and if we do not have it in stock we will ship by sea and land to keep your costs down. It will take about 6-8 weeks to get the glass delivered to you. If it is a side glass, such as a door we can ship by air and you will have it in about a week.

We are adding to our posted parts inventory daily. Please select one of the chassis types you have and the Email screen will pop up and we will know you are looking for a specific part as soon as you complete the request.

If you do not see your chassis here, pick something that is close. All Suzuki truck chassis types begin with “D”. Mitsubishi begins with ‘U”. Daihatsu begins with “S”.

Picture of Blue Vin plate


Picture of Daihatsu plate


Parts Manual

SEARCH for part number by downloading glossary. Then look up diagram in parts manual.
Opens to Parts manual page with picture of Parts Manual.

Download Glossary, Glossary search tells you the page of the manual the diagram of the part you are looking for is on along with the part number that will be listed in the manual. Click to buy manual. $199