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Why we no longer import minitrucks for off-road or private property use

We will still import and sell Low-Speed vehicles for campus use. They will all be electronically limited to achieve their maximum speed permitted under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This speed is usually limited to 25 MPH. This speed is not adjustable by the purchaser and the speed calibration is permanent. A few months ago…
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What to Look for When Buying a Used Mini-Truck or Used Car

First, lets look at the odometer and what it says and does not say. If the vehicle displays in kilometers you can convert them to miles by multiplying by .62. So if the vehicle you are looking at has 55,000 kilometers, you know that is 34,100 miles. In Japan, the average miles driven is only…
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RSM auto

We import, service and sell four types of vehicles.

        Vehicles for use in an off-road environment or on private property.  Any vehicle can be an ORV.       2.  LSV/MSV are Low and Medium Speed Vehicles.  They conform to applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and are road legal.  LSV/MSVs are sold to schools, universities, airports, hotels, casinos, municipalities, and…
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